High-Efficiency, Low-Cost IT Solutions Delivered by Local Experts

With KTS managing your IT, you get a cost-effective way to increase business growth and gain an edge on the competition

Every second wasted on malfunctioning or underperforming IT costs you money and stifles your company’s growth

But Kama’aina Technology Tech Solutions will empower you to recoup those lost resources while improving your productivity and operational efficiency. How? By providing cutting-edge IT solutions and fast 24/7 support delivered by Big Island local tech experts.

Ryan maintains and fulfils my IT needs at a very reasonable cost.

My medical office was hit by Ransomware a couple of years ago. My practice ground to a halt. Ryan from Kama'aina Tech Solutions came to my rescue immediately. He replaced my hardware, restored some essential databases, reestablished my network and got us going again. Most importantly, he has secured the network and provided adequate backup so that I do not have to worry about another breach. He is knowledgeable and dependable. He maintains and fulfils my IT needs at a very reasonable cost.

Dr. Pradeepta Chowdhury

We love knowing that Kama'aina Tech is watching out for us

Our medical clinic offices are critically dependent on our IT capability, more so than regular businesses due to the added need for HIPPA privacy compliance,and the severe impact on people's healthcare if our IT goes down. For several years now Kama'aina Tech Solutions has proven to be an excellent resource for us in this regard, with reliable, secure, cost-effective technology solutions and constant updated monitoring. We love knowing that Kama'aina Tech is watching out for us, and they are always available to assist.

Dr. Edward Gutteling
M.D., Hilo Urgent Care

Kama'aina Tech is one of the best tech services that I have utilized.

The availability when we need them, especially at late or extremely early hours, truly is a relief for us. Kama'aina Tech is quick to get working towards a solution for the problem, and they also are very clear in their communication of what they are doing and why. I highly recommend Kama'aina Tech to keep your business running smoothly, knowing that your company is digitally protected!

Maury Gutteling
Office Manager, Hilo Urgent Care

We highly recommend Kama’aina Tech Solutions for their reliable service and expertise.

We experienced some issues with our server a couple of years ago. Since our business depends on reliable access to our data, we needed help fast! Ryan from Kama'aina Tech Solutions got us up and running in no time. He replaced our hardware, restored our server, and provided us with a service plan that maintains our computer systems year round. We are really happy with the investments we have made. We can contact him any time we have a problem. He is knowledgeable and dependable. We highly recommend Kama’aina Tech Solutions for their reliable service and expertise.

Debbie and Didi Omori
Owner, Bob’s Fender Shop, Inc.

With services covering all components of your IT infrastructure, KTS ensures you always have what you need to succeed

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KTS makes getting the IT solutions you need easy

You’ll be on your way to lower IT costs and higher operational efficiency in 3 quick steps


Schedule a free consultation by a local IT expert and find out where your technology can be improved


We’ll draft a unique IT strategy based on your current systems, needs, and goals, then submit it for your approval


Once you are satisfied with your solutions, KTS will quickly and seamlessly deploy them to your systems so you can enjoy the benefits ASAP

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