Security/Surveillance Cameras

Protect your business and your assets from unlawful entry and theft through modern, strategically positioned surveillance cameras

A watchful eye will keep you safe

Installing and managing an on-premises video surveillance system is an expensive investment that needs constant maintenance to properly function. Instead of spending so much time and money on this setup, let KTS provide a more cost-effective solution that meets your needs even better.
We offer fully managed surveillance services at an affordable monthly price so you don’t have to waste time on day-to-day security monitoring activities. KTS can also install cloud-based surveillance solutions to assist you with anything from customer tracking to 24/7 security monitoring.

Your business will be prepared for anything with KTS’s Disaster Recovery services:

Managed Systems

Our team of security experts will determine the most effective vantage points and install reliable, modern surveillance equipment. We’ll prevent downtime through regular maintenance and manage the security monitoring so you can focus on your business, knowing that we are always looking after your security.

Turnkey Systems

We’ll design and implement a security surveillance system for your workplace based on your needs and budget. Once everything has been set up, we will hand over a fully functioning surveillance system to you.

Keep an eye on your business and livelihood with KTS’s managed security and surveillance services

With services covering all components of your IT infrastructure, KTS ensures you always have what you need to succeed

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