Disaster Recovery

Safeguard your business against disasters with our comprehensive Disaster Recovery services

Is your business resilient enough to withstand a disaster?

Backing up your business data is crucial to protecting against potential disasters, because your data is the key to your operations. The KTS experts have years of experience in providing reliable data backups, and will create a disaster recovery plan that fits your needs and budget.
Our team will ensure all your data is backed up on off-site servers, and we’ll check the backup process regularly to make sure it works properly. If your servers are compromised in the event of a disaster, we can restore your data in a matter of minutes so you can get your business up and running again as soon as possible.

Your business will be prepared for anything with KTS’s Disaster Recovery Services:

Data Backups

Your data is safely backed up to off-site servers every few minutes, so you don’t have to worry about losing any confidential information.

Disaster Recovery Planning

We’ll create a step-by-step recovery plan that meets your business objectives and your budget so you can bounce back from any disasters in the future.

With KTS’s Disaster Recovery services, your business is well-prepared to survive all of the hazardous events Hawaii is famous for

With services covering all components of your IT infrastructure, KTS ensures you always have what you need to succeed

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