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Protect your business from the latest cyberthreats with comprehensive, cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions

Are you aware of all the risks your vital business data faces?

One of your most important business assets is your data. Without the right cybersecurity solutions, your business IT network can easily be compromised by malicious attacks that result in data theft, ransomware infections, or even a total loss of data. Any one of these disastrous situations will result in severe financial losses and serious damage to your reputation.
Protect your business by choosing KTS as your cybersecurity partner. We’ll monitor and update your networks continuously and prevent any threats from penetrating your network and compromising your data. We’ll also ensure that your cybersecurity solutions meet all local and federal compliance standards so you don’t have to spend your time worrying about penalties and fines.

Our cybersecurity services use a diverse array of solutions to safeguard your IT, including:

Firewall Management

By managing this key layer of your cybersecurity system, KTS will keep the harmful and malicious elements out, while providing network access to important services and software without hindering their performance.

Security Policy Development

We’ll help you develop robust security policies that will help all of your employees do their part to keep your data safe. These policies will inculcate good security habits and make your networks less vulnerable to attack.

HIPAA Compliance

We'll implement all the necessary measures for your healthcare organization to achieve HIPAA compliance. Regular reviews and updates will also ensure that you stay HIPAA-compliant in the long term as well.

PCI Compliance

You’ll never have to worry about cybercriminals stealing your customers’ financial data, because we’ll keep your systems up to date with all PCI compliance requirements.

Protect yourself from every kind of cyberattack, old and new, with KTS’s Cybersecurity services

With services covering all components of your IT infrastructure, KTS ensures you always have what you need to succeed

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